Grade 11

ENG3UP University English (Pre-Advanced Placement)

Students in this course will meet the same curriculum expectations as students in ENG 3UI. This course is designed for independent learners who are highly motivated in the area communications, including reading, writing, oral communications and media studies. Course content will be studied at a deeper level to enhance analytical and critical thinking skills in preparation for university. This course will introduce concepts and assessment methods to prepare students for success with demanding courses and strengthened curriculum in order to increase the academic challenge in all areas of study.

CREDIT EQUIVALENTS: ENG3UE – eLearn – English is a similar course and you will not receive credit for taking both.

ENG3UI – English (University)is a similar course and you will not receive credit for taking both.

Course Note: This course is recommended for students seeking enrichment and whose average in English exceeds the provincial average of 75% (a level 4 in English in previous years is highly recommended). Students need to complete an Application for Advanced Placement and submit it to the guidance office. (Applications can be obtained from guidance office)

 Autonomous: Grade 12 University credit available in the second semester of their Grade 11 year IDC4UI
This course will help students develop and consolidate the skills required for and knowledge of different subjects and disciplines to solve problems, make decisions, create personal meaning, and present findings beyond the scope of a single subject or discipline. Students will apply the principles and processes of inquiry and research to effectively use a range of print, electronic, and mass media resources; to analyse historical innovations and exemplary research; and to investigate real-life situations and career opportunities in interdisciplinary endeavours. They will also assess their own cognitive and affective strategies, apply general skills in both familiar and new contexts, create innovative products, and communicate new knowledge.
COURSE NOTE: Admission to this course is by student, peer, parent or teacher nomination.
Prerequisite: Any university or university/college preparation course
CREDIT: 1 TYPE: University GRADE: 12

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