1.  Through the International Certificate Program, high school students become informed, engaged and active global citizens, by putting into practice the Catholic social teaching including peace, justice and equity for all.
Participants earn the certificate by completing three components:

  • Studying an international language
  • Taking internationally-focused courses
  • Demonstrating an understanding of global issues to further transform the world
  • Participating in  internationally focused projects of their choice
  • Developing global competences and citizenship


2.  Business and Information Certificate

Visit:  http://stbenedict.wcdsb.ca/index.php?p=department/business.php

3.  French Certificate

Students must complete (be successful) 4 years of French (intensive or core) .

4. Engineering Certificate

The Engineering Certificate Program is designed to provide students with the hands on, practical skills needed to be successful in several fields of engineering. By emphasizing academic achievement in science and mathematics, along with courses in technology to practice and apply the theory, and participation in robotics and/or e-car competitions, students will leave high school fully prepared for their post-secondary challenges.


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