Waterloo Unlimted

A unique high school enrichment program

Waterloo Unlimited is a unique enrichment opportunity for high school students in grades 10, 11, and 12. Offered during the school year, Unlimited brings together curious, motivated, well-rounded teens from across the country.

Rather than focusing on enrichment in a particular subject, each Waterloo Unlimited experience revolves around a different transdisciplinary theme—such as “change” or “design”. These themes draw on all faculties across campus for a grand exploration of commonalities and differences leading to the integration of knowledge.

Where can you find us?   https://uwaterloo.ca/unlimited/

Waterloo Unlimited is situated in the Department of Knowledge Integration (KI) at the University of Waterloo. KI is also home to the Bachelor of Knowledge Integration, a unique transdisciplinary undergraduate degree.

See our upcoming programs web page for more information:

Nov. 12–14, 2014Grade 12 Program | Road Map to Research | 3-day program

Mar. 16–20, 2015Grade 11 Program | Theme of “Design” | 5-day program

May 10–14, 2015Grade 10 | Theme of “Change” | 5-day program

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