NIGHT/SHIFT: Saturday, November 1st

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What is it?

NIGHT\SHIFT 2014 is downtown Kitchener’s second annual nuit blanche-style festival of art, culture and nocturnal adventure.

When is it?

NIGHT\SHIFT 2014 begins at 7pm on Saturday, November 1st, the night of the annual autumn time change, and will run into the wee hours.


Where is it?

NIGHT\SHIFT attractions are spread throughout various indoor and outdoor locations in downtown Kitchener, based around a central event hub on Duke Street (closed between Frederick and Queen), and spreading out in both directions along Queen (as well as into the two downtown laneways – Halls and Goudies).

This year’s participatory activities will also include a handful of pre-festival collaborative events that will contribute to NIGHT\SHIFT attractions and interactions. Events planned for late September and throughout October include the chance to create masks and small shrines, to carve enough Jack-o-lanterns to fill a downtown park and to help construct oversized aquatic creatures out of discarded single-use plastic bottles.

“We’re hoping to enable more community building at NIGHT\SHIFT 2014 by crowdsourcing a few festival attractions,” says Rumble. “I want to establish NIGHT\SHIFT as a recurring opportunity for locals to be involved in reimagining the raw possibilities of their city and its social spaces. The intention is that everyone and anyone can express their own creative thinking alongside some great programming from an amazing lineup of diverse professional artists and placehackers.”



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