“Speechless” by Chantale Pomerleau

Blog Chantale_Pomerleau_Autism2


“Speechless” is inspired by Chantale’s brothers and their journey with autism. It conveys an overarching theme of hope and harnessing the power of love to overcome any struggle.

All proceeds go to Autism Canada Foundation for their continued work in providing families with accessible resources to help their children.


Chantale Pomerleau is a former St. Benedict student.  Chantale was a student in the Grade 12 Autonomous Interdisciplinary class IDC4UI (an enrichment studies course). The Interdisciplinary Studies Course is appropriate for students with diverse abilities, interests, and learning styles. In their focus on real-life contexts, interdisciplinary studies courses tend to be highly motivating. They help students develop their knowledge and skills as a result of working on meaningful projects. They also provide opportunities for students to explore issues and problems that interest them from a variety of perspectives. This course is offered to students who wish to pursue advanced-level studies and theories in thinking, learning, and leadership. Students should be self-directed, autonomous learners. Chantale was such a student.


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