My Giving Moment

An Invitation from the Governor General David Johnston

“There are two Latin words on my coat of arms: Contemplare Meliora. In case your Latin is a little rusty, here’s the translation: To envision a better world.

Those words are both a source of pride and a challenge to all of us.

They sum up the history of Canada, a place where people have always come together to help one another. They also make us ask ourselves what we are doing today to make our world better.

I believe that the key to a smarter, more caring Canada lies in helping more of us discover what we have to give.

That’s why I’m delighted to invite you to join My Giving Moment, a campaign that will celebrate and generate the kind of giving that, as Canadians, is in our DNA.

Opportunities to give are all around us, every day. We call them “Giving Moments”. They’re those special moments when we see someone who needs help, something that needs changing, or other people giving. They’re those moments when we suddenly realize that we can give, too.

My Giving Moment will help Canadians seize these moments, and then act upon them. It will help more of us give something, whether big or small, and whether it involves time, skills, or money.

Join me in spreading the word about My Giving Moment. Use the website to discover and share your own Giving Moments. Read and share stories from other Canadians about giving. Find out creative ways to increase your community participation or to make a charitable contribution to an organization you had never thought of.

Together, we will inspire one another to achieve great things through giving of all kinds, one moment at a time.

We will forge a stronger, more caring nation that innovates by embracing the talents and natural generosity of all its citizens.

We will do more than just envision a better world.

We will create one.”


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