Avogadro Chemistry Exam

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The exam

The 27th annual Avogadro Exam is to be written on Thursday, May 15, 2014 during one 75-minute period. To recognize and reward achievement in a first high school Chemistry course, Waterloo’s Department of Chemistry has devised the Avogadro Exam. 

The exam will cover material that a well-read junior high school chemistry student is likely to have come across in the course of studies. Students may expect to find a few probing and demanding questions on some of the main topics of high school chemistry. Certain mathematical skills closely related to the study of chemistry will be tested, and there will be a few questions on chemical topics not normally covered in high school. The Avogadro Exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions, some easy, some tough, under the general headings: structure of matter, bonding, reactions, solutions, and gases, and a general knowledge of current affairs.

Who may write?

The competitive examination is intended for students who are completing, or have recently completed, their first high school chemistry course (about 100 instructional hours).


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