Grade 9 and 10 Enriched English classes head to CTP

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The Classical Theatre Project creates live entertainment for the digital generation

CTP’s shows range from traditional Elizabethan productions of Shakespeare to technologically innovative adaptations of modern musical classics. What sets CTP apart is our commitment to creating relevant theatre for a new audience.

Whether we are playing to a young person attending live theatre for the first time, or Shakespeare’s biggest fan, CTP makes the experience entertaining, impactful and fun.

Since its founding by David Galpern and Charles Roy in 2001, CTP has played to more than 1,000,000 people in over 40 cities across North America.

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Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

Musical, interactive and uproariously funny, director Will O’Hare’s inventive vaudevillian take on Twelfth Night premiered in 2009 and has become one of CTP’s most beloved productions. Five actors undertake eleven roles, astounding audiences with genuine theatre magic. Twelfth Night remains a relevant commentary on the illusions – and delusions – of love. Shakespeare used mistaken identity, love triangles and a dash of cross-dressing to create one of his most famous comedies.

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